Expressions, embraces, quirks, quiet moments and the big, loud moments nearly audible from the photos themselves. This is what my work is all about, to tell your story as it is uniquely yours.

I like to be a guiding hand and fly-on-the-wall in tandem, stepping in to offer direction and support, and stepping back to let the moments make themselves. My approach to wedding & family photography includes a combination of technical expertise, creativity and professionalism, which together ensure your story is captured with authenticity and heart.

I work on-location in the spaces that mean the most to my clients, travelling often between Toronto, Sudbury and Manitoulin Island.




Years of albums can be found in my parents' living room, binding together moments in time that are priceless to our family. These photos help us recall the smallest and biggest details that have made up our lives, and have ultimately sparked my passion for capturing life in all its transformation for couples and families.

I've been shooting professionally for over 8 years now, and over time have honed in on the kind of work that makes me feel most myself, with the sweetest people who inspire me endlessly. I'm a sucker for great outdoor adventures, followed by some quiet time in the comforts of my own space at home. I value deep connection with my closest family and friends, and genuinely care about the people that I work with, and what my work means to them (and to me, too).

I have a professional background in communications and marketing, having spent time in the corporate world, the tech startup world and the agency world. This path has landed me in a place allowing for a working style that perfectly balances my love for great adventure, and working from the comforts of my home office, too.



I split my time between northern and southern Ontario year-round, and focus mostly on intimate weddings unique and true to the couple we're celebrating.


Wedding photography packages start at $3,400 with average investments around $4,300, with wedding album and engagement sessions included in some packages. Please reach out through my contact form for more information.




Often located at home, camp or anywhere that resonates as "home" to you and your family.


Family session packages start at $450.


Now offering Life at Home photography sessions on Manitoulin Island. Click here for more information.