Hello, hello!

I'm Amanda, the human behind the camera. I work exclusively with the coolest, sweetest, most down-to-earth, brightest people who inspire me by keeping it real.


Love is my favourite thing to photograph, on big days like wedding days, and on ordinary days like when you're kicking back in the coziest corners of your home. I focus on wedding and family photography (you know, where love is found!), and deliver personal, meaningful photographs of life and love that can be cherished forever.


I've been in the photography game for over 8 years, recently taking the leap to running my business full-time (wahoo!). I believe it's a mix of my photography experience, along with my outside-of-photography experience (like personal and emotional experiences, educational experiences, and other work-related experiences) that make me a perfect fit for wedding and family photography.


On a personal side, I'm a sucker for adventures, followed by some quiet time in the comforts of my own space at home (preferably with an IPA in hand). I value deep connection with my closest family and friends, and am unfortunately allergic to fakeness and showiness. Sorry!


I live downtown Toronto, but crave escapes from the city for some wide open space, often travelling north to Sudbury and Manitoulin Island where I'm from. I love driving, usually either sing-screaming or super deep in thought, and am always down to travel wherever the love calls me to.

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Photo by Adam Deunk


Frankly, I'm not wedding-obsessed (though I do absolutely love 'em!). I care way more about the connection you have with your partner and the people you choose to surround yourself with on your wedding day. I care more about the way you choose to spend your day, and will capture it for how you've made it uniquely yours.


I am Toronto-based, and happy to travel wherever the love calls for me, often heading to northern Ontario where I'm from (SUP SUDBURY). I focus mostly on intimate weddings unique and true to the couple we're celebrating.


Wedding photography packages start at $3,250, with average investments around $4,450. Wedding albums and engagement sessions are included in some packages and always available a-la-carte.


about Families

Preferably located in spaces that resonate as 'home' to you--your house, at camp, or maybe the beach you frequent every summer.


Family sessions are an opportunity to capture a glimpse of life together today, at a time where you, your family and your home are continuously changing. I encourage family sessions to be unique and special to you, so we’ll brainstorm beforehand about locations and things we can do that really represent what your life is like today.


Sessions start at $450 with option for print & album add-ons. Contact me for more information, availability and to start planning together.



Toronto-Based & travelling wherever's 'home' to you