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I'm a Toronto-based wedding & family photographer for fun-loving and down to earth couples and families who love life and the people who fill it. If this sounds like you, then we're off to a great start.

I'm a sucker for long walks, real connections, and the way the sky glows right after the sun has dipped below the horizon. I also love ankle length pants (mostly due to necessity) (I'm a tall lady), experimenting with cocktails, and you guessed it, photography.


I capture weddings and sweet families on-location in the spaces that mean the most.


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I capture weddings for the celebrations, the expressions of love, the raw emotion, the belly laughs and the meaningful people you choose to surround yourselves with.

I'm 100% here for the realness, and will capture your day for how it's uniquely yours... and not in any other way.


Visit my 'Weddings' page to learn more about my wedding photography, or jump right into my contact form so we can get the ball rolling.


Preferably located in spaces that resonate as 'home' to you; your house, your favourite Saturday morning coffee shop & park hangout spots, or maybe the beach you frequent every summer.

Family sessions are an opportunity to capture a glimpse of life together today, at a time where you, your family and your home are continuously changing.


Want to see more? Take a look at my portfolio, or reach out for more information and to begin planning.

Toronto-Based & travelling wherever's 'home' to you